Papaya Leaf (Carica papaya)


Based on the research studies, it was found that the phytonutrient compounds in papaya leaves act in synergy to display a strong antioxidant and immune enhancing impact in the bloodstream.

Latin Name: Cairica Papaya

Common Name: Papaya, Paw Paw, Pawpaw

The aboriginals of Australia, the Japanese and many traditional herbalists used Papaya leaves for their health-enhancing power. Papaya leaf, also known as Paw Paw and Pawpaw is loaded with essential nutrients, such as potassium, and vitamin C, A, and vitamin E. The leaves are also good for the digestive system. They contain certain chemical compounds that can terminate microorganisms.

The papaya fruit and the leaves are beneficial for the treatment of acne. Papaya leaf has been shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Papaya leaf is known to be very effective against dengue.