Earl Grey Tea OP ( Camellia sinensis, Blend)


Fights anxiety and depression

Earl Grey Tea benefits have been in the consciousness of many tea aficionados and it has often been drunk to provide relaxation and calm during stressful times.

Earl grey tea is a popular type of black tea. It is made from basic black tea leaves combined with the oil extracted from the peel or rind of the orange bergamot fruit. Bergamot is a citric lime tree found in the Mediterranean and the South of France. It infuses the earl grey tea with a light, smooth and spicy flavor that many can only describe as ‘elegant’.

Earl grey tea benefits are generally derived from its black tea and bergamot components. Black tea is known to contain antioxidants while bergamot is said to be a potent nervine enhancer. The addition of milk to the blend is generally considered as reducing the strength of the health benefits.

Earl grey tea is ideally consumed in moderate quantities as it contains caffeine, while the bergamot essence may induce certain reactions (i.e. skin rashes, redness) when taken in large quantities.

The following are the health benefits attributed to earl grey tea:

  • Earl grey tea may help enhance the immune system and fight viruses that cause coughs, colds and flu.
  • Earl grey tea may help protect against cancer.
  • Earl grey tea may help protect against certain cardiovascular diseases.
  • Earl grey tea may help fight insomnia.
  • Earl grey tea may help induce relaxation and fight anxiety.
  • Earl grey tea may help fight depression and uplift the mood.
  • Earl grey tea may aid in proper digestion.
  • Earl grey tea may help in fighting inflammation.