The PH Myth

The entire Alkaline – Acidic concept has been misconstrued for so many of us:

  • The body is NOT all acidic or all alkaline. Each organ has a optimal operating PH. The stomach for instance is PH 2, the bile is PH 12.


Acid is needed for digestion. Also for absorption: the skin is PH 5.5 and is the most absorbent organ in the body.

  • The body uses MINERALS to regulate it’s VARIOUS PH levels, and when it lacks them, it breaks down it’s own tissues and bones sourcing for them.
  • PH has nothing to do with the food or liquid being good or not for consumption. That’s a lie.


A food or or liquid can be either ALKALIZING or ACIDIFYING.

  • Alkalizing = donating mineral salts (greens, roots, Auro Gold)
  • Acidifying = “robbing”/requiring minerals to be processed (processed foods, meat, dairy etc).


A lime has acidic PH, and yet is Alkalizing to the body once broken down and digested. It donates mineral salts named Ascorbates. Most veggies have PH of 4-6.5 (acidic), and yet they are Alkalizing to the body.

Red meats, poultry and dairy can have an alkaline PH level, and yet are ACIDIFYING to the body- they require minerals from the body in order to be broken down.

Auro Gold is HIGHLY Alkalizing- it donates 100+ minerals in bioavailable form, nourishing the cells, and providing required elements in soluble form.

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