Wild Dagga 1oz


Premium Quality Wild Dagga Leaf Cut and Sifted. (Leonotis Leonurus) Cut & Sifted

Also called Lion’s Tail

Wild Dagga, also sometimes called Lions Tail, is so named because of the medicinal and psychoactive benefits that it offers, which are similar to cannabis (although milder). With its characteristic bright orange flowers and lemon-smell, this plant has been used for hundreds of years in Africa and China. And the good news is that, unlike marijuana, it is entirely legal in the US.

Wild Dagga is native to Southern Africa and is used in traditional medicine for treating a number of ailments, and several studies have revealed promising results for its use in treating specific health concerns. The herb is a member of the mint family named from the Greek ‘Leon’ which means lion. It’s a popular plant for gardens as it is known to attract wildlife to the garden. This is because the flowers produce nectar that is attractive to birds (primarily sunbirds), butterflies, and bees. It is also hardy and fast-growing, resistant to frost, and does not require a lot of water.

It is found in the wild in South Africa, primarily in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and throughout Natal, where is it a popular home remedy used to treat headaches, coughs, fevers and more. It is also used by traditional healers to keep snakes at bay and as a remedy for snake bites.

There are a number of different plants that are referred to as wild Dagga that all belong to the Leonurus strain of plants belonging to the mint family. The name came about as a result of the Leonurus plant being used as an alternative to marijuana (or Dagga as it is known in South Africa). Strains of Leonurus have been used throughout the world for their medicinal benefits. The most common and widely distributed strain is Leonotis leonurus (Lion’s Tail). It’s noted for its pungent lemon smell, perennial orange flowers.

Other popular types of ‘wild dagga’ include Leonurus sibericus (Siberian Motherwort), Leonotis nepetifolia (Lion’s Ear/Klip Dagga), Leonurus artemisia (Yi-mu-cao/Chinese Motherwort), Leonurus cardacia (Common Motherwort) and Leonurus Leonurus (Lion’s Tail).