Queen of the Meadow/Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum)


The name “Queen of the meadow” is shared with a European species (Spiraea ulmaria).

This plant is one of the great stories in Native American medicine. It is named after the east coast Native American, Joe Pye, a member of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who used the plant to cure fevers. It is still used in parts of Appalachia to treat urinary disorders. Some mothers bathed their fretful children in a tea made from Joe Pye Weed to calm them down and bring on a restful sleep. Meskwaki men would nibble the leaves of this plant to ensure success while wooing chosen tribal maidens.

Apart from being used for botanical purposes, Joe Pye weed is also used medicinally. The root of the Joe Pye weed is the one that is often used as medicines, however other parts of the Joe Pye plant, such as the leaves, are also made into tea for instance. Of all the Joe Pye weed parts, the roots are the strongest in terms of healing properties.