Calendula & Lavender Salve 2 oz


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 Our salves are made with ozonated oils. Once the herbs are infused in to the oil the herbal oils are ozonated for 24 hours to increase the healing abilites and saturate the healing herbs through the oil to make it even more effective.


Calendula, also known as the Marigold flower, has been used for hundreds of years for it healing properties. Studies have shown Calendula to have a wide variety of pharmacological properties including, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. I have added Lavender essential oil to work along with the Calendula to sooth and heal.

Calendula salve, which is made for topical use only, is made from the petals of the flower, combined with fats, such as cocoa butter, orchea butter, beeswax, and kukui butter. It is an all-natural product and, unlike many of the costly creams available today, really does make a difference to your skin.

Well known for its skin healing capabilities, Calendula salve is beneficial to those suffering with eczema, scars, wounds, rashes, warts, insect bites, and psoriasis. It does wonders for stretch marks, and is a great barrier cream against nappy rash as well. Calendula water or spray should be used on open or weeping wounds, instead of the salve. Calendula salve can also be used to heal bruises, treat varicose veins, and has been found to be particularly useful in treating sores or wounds that are taking long to heal.

The chemicals contained in the Calendula plant, increases blood flow to the affected part on the skin, which speeds up the healing process significantly. These chemicals also promote collagen protein production, which plays a big role in the regeneration of new skin cells.

Another great benefit of Calendula salve is its usefulness as a treatment for cracked and dry skin. It is wonderful too for healing burns and as a soothing lotion after sunburn due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Also, research studies have found the salve to be extremely effective in reducing painful inflammation which follows radiation treatment in cancer patients.

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