Mellow Moments Tincture (Alcohol Base)


This tincture sems to help most people to relax and focus.

Mellow Moments Tincture

Ingredients: Alcohol, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Valerian Root, Scullcap

This tincture sems to help most people to relax and focus. Locally we have found that it seems to help children with ADD and ADHD symptoms. They are usually taking from 10 drops to 1 dropper ful one hour before bed and before school, in th emorning. It seems to help them rest better and just overall function better. It is also good for adults that have ADD, depression, and anxiety.

Lemon Balm Benefits:
Calming Agent
Lemon balm is known to be a calming agent for those suffering from anxiety or stress. A drug relating to the treatment of anxiety is know as anxiolytic and most types of balm fall into this category. Scientific evidence shows that a control group, given Melissa Officinalis, in addition to valerian, chamomile and hops, reported reduced levels of stress and anxiety as opposed to a control group given a placebo. Scientists believe that the essential oil of lemon acts upon the part of the brain governing the autonomic nervous system and can protect the cerebrum from excessive external stimuli. It also has a tonic effect on the heart and circulatory system causing mild vasodilation of the peripheral vessels, thus lowering blood pressure.

Mood enhancer
In addition to reducing stress, it was actually found to improve mood and even mental performance for activities such as memory and tests. These properties have also created a stir in the scientific communities as it has tremendous relevance regarding the treatment of Alzheimer s disease. Sufferers of depression may also benefit from melissa treatments.

Sleep Aid / Mild sedative
Lemon Balm has been traditionally been attributed with sleep enhancing properties and can act as a mild sedative. Many people put lemon herb extract close to where they are sleeping or take a lemon balm tincture prior to sleep. This has been known to help poor sleepers. People with fatigue are recommended lemon balm and can be beneficial to sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Administration of Lemon Balm to sufferers of Alzheimers has been known to be effective in treating / providing temporary relief for mild to moderate symptoms of the disease.

Headache treatment
Anyone who has sniffed the aroma of Lemon Balm will understand why many people use it to alleviate headaches and nausea. It has a relaxing smell and is therefore very popular with headache sufferers.

Passion Flower Benefits:
While everyone has an occasional bout of insomnia, for those who suffer regularly, the lack of recuperative rest causes ongoing damage to the body. Often a symptom of low level anxiety, insomnia can destroy a person’s life without apparent cause. Other conditions like RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) can also cause insomnia as a side effect. As a calming agent, Passion Flower reduces the severity of these symptoms, often eliminating the insomnia altogether.

Virtually nothing known to man will stop a grand mal seizure once it has begun, but many people with Epilepsy have observed that regular use of Passion Flower benefits them by reducing both the frequency and severity of seizures. For those suffering milder symptoms, the neurological regulating effect of the Passion Flower can virtually eliminate symptoms. As another condition that creates sudden, harmful spikes in brain activity, the regularity induced by Passion Flower can help an epileptic avoid having his or her condition take over.

Anxiety sufferers have long considered one of the best natural treatments for their condition to be the Passion Flower. Health benefits for this situation are many. As a disorder of the mood, a person with anxiety tends to overexcited easily and remain in that state far longer than the average person. This state of constant excitement causes the body to prevent essential functions like digestion and sleep. The constant interruption of these functions has lasting harmful effects. Passion Flower acts as a low intensity emotional stabilizer, reducing the severity and length of these episodes.

As the flip side of anxiety, those suffering from depression also find Passion Flower benefits to their liking. Unlike anxiety, depression in and of itself does not injure the body. The damage it does is by causing people to feel that any action is futile – even those actions that are healthy. Regular use of a Passion Flower supplement can lead individuals suffering from depression to find it easier to remain motivated and find more joy in life.

Valerian Root Benefits:
Valerian root is a herb used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety, as it reduces the dangerous effects of stress. In 1982, a double-blind study was conducted on 128 subjects. Results showed that Valerian was just as effective as some prescription sleep aids and also increased the quality of sleep. Besides getting to sleep, it will also improve the quality of sleep, helping you to feel more well rested in the morning. Valerian root is considered by many people as the very best natural insomnia treatment.

This herb is also taken by many people to treat anxiety. Since it increases GABA production in the brain, it has a calming effect on the individual. GABA makes you feel relaxed and less nervous.

Valerian seems to be good for treating muscle pain, headache relief and relieving joint pain. More research needs to be done on this aspect of this herb.

Valerian root is best taken right before bed time. It doesn t function like a prescription sleeping. It should be taken nightly, as it s effects gradually build over time.

  • Treat Insomnia
  • Increase quality and duration of sleep
  • Treat anxiety
  • Treat panic attacks
  • Relieve headache
  • For increased GABA production
  • Relieve muscle pain
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Treat nervous twitches