Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil – 5 ml


Litsea Cubeba’s antibacterial and antiviral properties make it effective against common infections like cold and cough.

Litsea Cubeba is the botanical name for May Chang, a tree belonging to the Lauraceae family. The tree bears whitish-yellowish flowers that have a characteristic citrusy fragrance and fruits that resemble peppers (that’s where the word ‘cubeb’ comes from).

The essential oil is extracted from the ripened and dried fruits of the Litsea Cubeba tree. Also known as ‘Mountain Pepper’ or ‘Chinese Pepper’, the plant is native to south China, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and other regions of Southeast Asia. It is widely cultivated in Japan and Taiwan for its commercial uses although China remains the largest producer and exporter of the oil.

The scent of Litsea Cubeba oil can be compared to Lemongrass, although the former is often described as “finer” and “sweeter” than the latter. Traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine, Litsea helped people deal with digestive issues, headaches, muscle aches and pains, and chills. In aromatherapy, Litsea is used to increase mental functioning and attention, and to help calm and soothe.

Due to its enticing “lemony” fragrance, Litsea Cubeba is widely used in the perfumery and cosmetic industry. Like most citrus oils, its scent is immediately uplifting and rejuvenating, which makes it very useful for combating emotional problems and psychological issues.

From a therapeutic standpoint, Litsea Cubeba is known to possess antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, and has been found effective in fighting away colds and other infections.

Litsea Cubeba’s antibacterial and antiviral properties make it effective against common infections like cold and cough. Simply pop a few drops into a vaporizer to keep any respiratory problems at bay. Litsea Cubeba is also very useful in treating infectious skin conditions such as athlete’s foot because of its pronounced antifungal action.

  • Essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy. Keeping the body frequency high and well oxygenated is key for disease-free living.
  • Essential oils protect against airborne germs, dangerous bacteria and viruses, and increase the speed of inter-cellular communication.
  • Essential Oils, naturally laden with oxygenating molecules, have the ability to penetrate cell walls, and transport oxygen and nutrients inside the cell to feed the cell nucleous.
  • Without oxygen, nutrients cannot be assimilated, but by increasing oxygen at the cellular level, essential oils may support a strong immune system.