Liposomal Vitamin B6


Benefits of Healthy Drops Vitamin B6

ELECTROLYTE BALANCE – Vitamin B6 helps keep sodium and potassium and serotonin to boost mood
HEALTHY METABOLISM – B6 assists the body process protein and promotes weight loss and energy
DIGESTIVE HEALTH – may help bloating, water retention, and colon health support
CARDIOVASCULAR AND MUSCULAR SUPPORT – Vitamin B6 provides the necessary support for heart health
VISION AND EYE HEALTH – Vitamin B6 is the key to supporting vision, focus and cognition.
Important for Digestive Health
Required for a Proper Histamine Response
Necessary for Optimal Brain & Nervous System Health
Helps You Sleep and Normalizes Sleep-Wake Cycles
Beneficial Agent for Anxiety
Deficiency Contributes to Depression
Supports Weight Loss Efforts
Helps Reduce Pain
May Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
Helpful for Anemia
Helps Balance Blood Sugar
Can Strengthen Bones
Important For Skin Health