Liposomal Uric Acid Control


FAST-ACTING URIC ACID CLEANSE. Take control of your high uric acid & gout with fast-acting Uric Acid Control— Combining powerful natural ingredients to give you the help that you need.*
GET RELIEF. Get much needed relief from the painful symptoms of high uric acid & gout*
TARGET THE ROOT CAUSES. Helps lower high uric acid & cleanses out the excess uric acid*
SUPPORT HEALTHY URIC ACID LEVELS. Take daily ongoing to help support healthy uric acid levels.*

Our Uric Acid Control provides 200 mg per teaspoon or 600 mg per tablespoon of our proprietary formulation to control excesive Uric Acid in a highly bioavailable format. 96 servings are provided per each 16-ounce bottle with 1 tsp per serving: