Liposomal Spanish Fly


Spanish Fly is revered for its nutritive and health properties. Historically used for Libido health.

There are many reasons why you may not have the desire to participate in sexual activities. It could be because you suffer from depression, you are going through menopause, you are too stressed to even think about sex or just dont have the desire. While there does not seem to be many traditional choices for women to enhance their libido or sex drive, many women turn to looking for an herbal remedy that will increase libido. You want to have to sex, but it wont be enjoyable for you or your partner if you not into it. It could harm a relationship and can even make you feel bad about yourself. SPANISH FLY Female Sex Drops is an herbal remedy that is created to help enhance your libido so you can enjoy sex once again. This product is a liquid that is odorless and tasteless and can be mixed with any beverage. Within a short period of time after taking this, it is expected that you will have an incredible urge to indulge in sexual intercourse. There are several ingredients in this product including: Imported Spanish materials , Lily and Rose Extracts. SPANIS FLY Sex Drops Sex Drop for women Product itself no color, no taste Take one tube each time 30 minutes before sex SPANISH FLY Sex Drop helps women to increase sex desire. SPANISH FLY

Liposomal Spanish Fly provides an exception value when compared to other frorms of Spanish Fly. Our product provides 3 x the active beneficial ingredients per serving in a more bioavailable oral solution that can provide up to 95% absorption compared to 10 to 15% absorption with pills. Our Liposomal Phosphilids also protect the Spanish Fly Extract from strong stomach acid allowing more end product to make it into the small intestine.