Liposomal Magnesium


Magnesium is an important mineral that is needed for more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It plays a vital role in the metabolism of food, fatty acid and protein synthesis, muscle function and transmission of nerve impulses.

Much of the magnesium in the body is stored in the skeletal system with smaller amounts present in muscles, soft tissue and bodily fluids. When a magnesium deficiency occurs, early signs include symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite and vomiting. As the deficiency progresses, more severe symptoms like muscle contractions and cramps, abnormal heart rhythms and coronary spasms may occur.

– PURE AND NATURAL: Our Liposomal formula contain only natural ingredients. This unique advanced formula offers numerous health benefits, making it ideal for men and women who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
– REAL INGREDIENTS DELIVER REAL RESULTS: Healthydrops Liposomal Magnesim Citrate Support is formulated with only the safest and most gentle ingredients. It is natural and contains zero hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, soy, yeast, sugar, GMOs, gluten, and dairy.

Liposomal Magnesium Citrate by Healthy Drops, provides 16 grams per 16 ounce bottle of high potency magnesium using non-GMO liposomes derived from sunflower without the common use of soy. Magnesium is an important, abundant mineral in the human body, which acts as a cofactor in hundreds of enzymatic processes and systems. It helps regulates biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, healthy blood circulation and carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium is involved in normal muscle relaxation by inhibiting calcium influx and smooth muscle contraction. It is also important for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation, and glycolysis. It contributes to the maintenance and development of healthy bone structure and is needed for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and glutathione, an important antioxidant.*

In a typical diet, magnesium content is highest in legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. A magnesium deficiency is not always due to low intake, but it can also occur with certain medical conditions and medications that interfere with the bodys ability to absorb magnesium.*

Liposomal Magnesium uses a unique liposomal delivery method to support optimal absorption of a blend of well-tolerated magnesium forms. A liposome is a tiny phospholipid vesicle that mimics the bodys own cell structure. Liposomes may be better absorbed across cell membranes in a way that is not possible for ordinary water-soluble or fat-soluble nutrients. Our liposomes are composed of non-hydrogenated phospholipids, derived from GMO-free sunflower oil. This is a soy free product.

If you have any ailment that require you to use one or more nutrient, this is the product for you, with over 90% absorption rate. This product had the best delivery system, not like powders, capsules, pills, tablets, regular liquid.