Liposomal Colloidal Minerals


74 Colloidal Minerals. 74 Colloidal Minerals provides the purest and most concentrate plant derived minerals available. These minerals are mined from ancient organic plant deposits which grew thousands of years ago. Todays fruits and vegetables contain an average of no more than 15 to 20 minerals; its easy to see why 99% of the population is mineral deficient. 74 Colloidal Minerals are highly absorbable and provide a complete spectrum of 74 minerals.

– This product is specifically formulated to energize the body with minerals.
– Each teaspoon provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition.

If you have any ailment that require you to use one or more nutrient, this is the product for you, with over 90% absorption rate. Our liposomal liquid product had the best delivery system, not like powders, capsules (which are pork based), pills, tablets, regular liquid that use byproducts that would hinder digestion with stearic acid and magnesium stearate.