Neuralgia #9 (500 Tablets)


he ingredients in this unique formula reveal its ability to address its diversity in pain symptom relief

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Throbbing, cramping and radiating pain symptoms have all found gentle relief in this unique combination. Its pain symptom relief focuses most on pains involving the head, face, jaw, neck, back or muscles. These include facial pains, backaches, neck pains, low back pains, leg pains/cramps, muscle tension and throbbing headaches. As homeopathy is safe to take with other medicines, you can take these tablets alongside your aspirin or ibuprofen.

 The ingredients in this unique formula reveal its ability to address its diversity in pain symptom relief:

Belladonna – severe pains that pulse or throb and shoot out extending from one area to another, these include throbbing headaches that cannot tolerate bending over; facial pain that causes muscles to twitch and faces to flush with heat.
Magnesium phos – (anti-spasm cell salt) cramps, cramping pain and radiating pains including right-sided headaches, cramping pain, leg cramps, menstrual cramps, charley horses and facial pain, especially if symptoms improve with warmth and worsen when cold.
Spigelia – stabbing pains that feel like hot needles and radiate from the source to other parts of the body. It is most effective on pains of the fifth nerve which explains the frontal headache, eye, jaw and frontal sinus pain, especially when stooping.

In short, this combination offers a safe, natural way to give you a needed break from pain. Each of these ingredients is available individually as a single remedy for a more targeted approach to homeopathic healing.

Keynotes Pain, Radiating pain, Cramping pain, Cramps, Leg cramps, Menstrual cramps, Headaches, Neck pain, Facial pain, Low back pain, Backaches
Homeopathic Ingredients Belladonna, Magnesium phos, Spigelia

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