Incontinence #160


This natural combination helps the body figure out how to better address and relieve its minor involuntary leaks and a range of irritating symptoms, including that common burning sensation on or after urinating.

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With the balancing support of three vital cell salts and two keen singles for urinary issues, this formula addresses a range of symptoms and triggers of urinary incontinence. As usual with homeopathy, it comes with the added benefit of being safe to use with other medications and treatments.

Apis mel – Known for helping conditions with a burning, stinging sensation, Apis can relieve urinary irritation, occasional leaks on sneezing or coughing, and frequent urging to go.
Causticum – Helps when urine occasionally sneaks out often unnoticed during the day or night.
Ferrum phos – Relieves occasional incontinence related to weakened muscles, redness, swelling or irritation.
Kali phos – As the nerve nutrient cell salt, it can relieve minor pain and nervous debility or fatigue which might aggravate any urinary symptom.
Natrum mur – Applies to occasional leaking of small amounts of urine when coughing, laughing, sneezing, jumping on the bed or lifting weights (or grandbabies).

As incontinence can be related to kidney and bladder infection and other issues, consultation with a healthcare professional is always advisable when urinary symptoms develop or persist.

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