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This one is #1 for soothing young children with tummy aches, teething pain, green diarrhea, minor fevers or temper tantrums.

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Chamomilla (chamomile)

Though well known as a children’s remedy for calming restless, irritable sleepless babies and tantrum-throwing youngsters, Chamomilla has been a useful remedy for all ages as it covers a range of stress, pain, respiratory and digestive symptoms. The trademark symptom that makes Chamamilla a viable choice is a contrary irritability that mimics the unappeasable nature of the symptoms. If every pain is too painful, no effort to appease it is sufficient. The baby needing Chamomilla stubbornly rejects things soon after demanding them and wants to be carried constantly. The contrary and irritable child or adult shows a similar discontent as anger is very difficult to appease and any pain seems intolerable.

Its relief for colds, congestions, dry night cough, acute fever and ear pain, is very similar to Aconite’s relief as both their symptoms can be triggered by a cold wind or anger and usually present one red cheek. Overall, Aconite is preferred for colds unless the trademark irritability points to Chamomilla.

Chamomilla’s reputation was built on helping babies through painful teething trouble, ear pains, and colic with green diarrhea. For colic, Chamomilla comes very close to another popular remedy, Colocynthis, as both are irritable, have diarrhea, can be triggered by anger, and feel better with warmth. But Colocynthis’ cramping pains require bending over double or pressing on the stomach, while Chamomilla wants to be rocked, is demanding and is the choice when baby is teething or if green diarrhea is present.

For digestion, it relieves cramping or pressing stomachaches, indigestion and vomiting in all ages, especially if the symptoms follow consumption of tea or coffee. This relief extends to greenish, colicky diarrhea that smells of spoiled eggs.

For women, particularly those of a nervous temperament, Chamomilla has a calming, balancing presence for those who suddenly turn quarrelsome, obstinate, overly sensitive in all senses or even a bit mean with PMS and painful periods. In childbirth it is often touted for assisting when labor or after-birth pains are intolerable.

Overall, the mental/emotional picture for Chamomilla includes contrary irritability, sudden rudeness, over-sensitivity to pain and stress, sleeplessness with anxious dreams and a tendency for emotions to be felt in the stomach. Other pointers involve one red cheek, chilliness that is easily overheated and violent joint pain often at night.

Chamomilla symptoms worsen with coffee, anger, teething, cold damp air, sweating, at night, being touched or, at times, even being looked at. Its symptoms improve when carried or rocked, after sweating and in warm wet weather.

Keynotes Teething Pain, Colic, Fevers acute, Colds, Coughs, Ear Pain, Contrariness, Irritability, Nerves, Sleeplessness, Diarrhea, Green diarrhea, Temper tantrums, Stubborn anger, Anger, Stomach pain, Stomachache, Stomach cramps, Indigestion, Moodiness, PMS, Painful menses, Periods painful

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