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The Softcover Coil Bound Reference Guide for Essential Oils is truly a unique book. There are other similar books on the market, but none are as user friendly as this one. No more searching endlessly to find the information that you desire. All this valuable information is now readily available at your fingertips. This new full-color edition is revised and updated with innovative new features to make selecting and using the right essential oils easier than ever before!

Some other information on this book:

  • Comprehensive information on over 100 single oils including affected body systems, historical uses, folklore, French medicinal uses, and safety data.
  • Information and usage data on over 150 commercially available oil blends, supplements, and personal care products,
  • An appendix with concise, quickly accessible information on single oils and oil blends including safety information.
  • Summaries and references for over 300 published research studies on essential oils and their constituent ingredients.
  • A unique color-coding system that makes it easier to navigate through the book and find the best oils for a specific application.
  • A comprehensive index covering all of the symptoms and health conditions listed in personal guide section, individual oils and blends, and all of the Young Living Products this index has been manually verified for relevancy.
  • Coil-bound with soft covers.

Connie Higley has had a fascination for natural healing methods, relying on herbs and herbal remedies for much of her life. Always interested in natural ways to help maintain the health of her family, she has studied Educational Kinesiology and attended several lectures and conferences on natural healing methods. She received her bachelor’s degree in Information Management in 1989 and developed a unique talent for organizing information. As a devoted mother, Connie became excited about the possible uses of essential oils when she learned about the therapeutic and emotional effects that could be achieved. In May 1995, she met Pat Leatham and was shown the pages of notes that Pat had compiled over the previous four months. Connie worked with Pat to organize the information, and then she expanded it for the two of them and their friends. The growing demand for this information has evolved into this book and others. Because of Connie’s tremendous desire to help others by providing needed, well-organized information, she summoned the help of her husband, Alan, and together they continue to research and expand this vital information.

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