Bupleurum Root (Bupleurum radix)


It is a primary component in a Chinese patent medicine called Xia Yao San or Xia Yao Wan ( san means powder and wan means pill). Another name for the formula is Free and Easy Wanderer , referring to the Taoist conception of being able to Go with the Flow . The function of the formula and of Bupleurum, is to help overcome the ingrained personal approach of clashing with-rather than flowing around-a difficulty that is encountered. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that living in conflict influences the person s flow of qi and blood, causing it to flow erratically and bind up. In the Chinese model of health and disease, the free flow of Qi and blood is the requirement for health and the obstructed flow of Qi and blood is a cause of disease. Bupleurum is said to disperse Qi and clear heat from the liver network. Modern science is investigating the effects of Bupleurum on liver enzymes, mood, blood lipids, and immunity. It is a staple as well in Japanese Kampo medicine in the formula Sho-Saiko-To used to address liver concerns. Bupleurum is a staple in Chinese medicine for detoxification and is included in many formulas for this purpose.