Citrus Defense Air Detox Spray


DESTROYS airborne bacteria, viruses, pathogens and antigens on contact



Air Detox Spray- 100% pure oils, not diluted

DISINFECTS and PURIFIES the air in your home, office and car. Can also be used on chest, back and feet for colds, flu and infection.

DESTROYS airborne bacteria, viruses, pathogens and antigens on contact

DELIGHTFUL eucalyptus/citrus scent lifts the spirits and clears the mind

This formula disinfects the air and kills the bacteria that cause the common cold and the virus that cause the flu. It is essential for high-risk households with children, pregnant women and senior citizens. It is a full-strength blend of very powerful essential oils that destroy airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, infections, pathogens, antigens and harmful micro-organisms on contact. It also has a naturally delightful eucalyptus/citrus smell.

We designed this blend not only to be the most powerful germ killing formula, but also for the aromatherapy action of lifting the spirits and clearing the mind.

Even our ancestors used these herbs not only for their medicinal value, but also for their emotional and spiritual value. These herbs have also been used to cleanse the living environment of bad feelings and negative energy.

Eucalyptus Oil, Lime Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Orange Oil all contain very powerful essential oils. These oils have been widely studied and tested, and are proven to be full-spectrum antimicrobials. They are potent and effective broad-spectrum bactericides, fungicides, antiviral and anti parasitic.

Each bottle is hand blended, in small batches, with FRESH STOCK.

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