Amyris Sandalwood Essential Oil – 5 ml


You can count on amyris oil in times of depression as it helps uplift your spirit and mind. … The essential oil is used as a base fixative in making perfumes and soaps. It is also added in creams, cosmetics, incense and perfumes for additional fragrance.

Amyris essential oil is closely related to sandalwood, and in fact, is sometimes called West Indies sandalwood. Although it originated in Haiti, it is now being grown in South and Central America. The plant that amyris is made from grows to a height of about 60 feet and it is easy to recognize, as when it begins to bloom, white flowers will grow, which will then turn into edible fruit that are shades of dark blue or black. One of the interesting things about amyris is that it is extremely flammable, and in fact is known by the nickname torchwood, because it has such a high oil content and is used to create torches that burn easily.

People should turn to amyris essential oil if they are suffering from nervous anxiety, a weak immune system, oxidative stress, poor cognition, cough, cold, flu, respiratory infection,insomnia,sleep disorders, high toxicity, frustration and sexual tension.

Stress and Anxiety: The various aromatic compounds found in amyris oil, in combination with the antioxidants and other active compounds, are able to affect and impact the limbic system (emotional center of the brain). This can result in a waterfall of different neurotransmitters that can improve mood and relieve you of anxiety. This is also why so many people use this oil in a room diffuser, to provide calming vibes and positive energy all day long.

Insomnia: This essential oil is a well known sleep aid for people who struggle with insomnia and restless sleep. By using a steam inhaler or oil diffuser before bed, you can calm your mind and easethe tension in your muscles, helping the body relax enough to fall into a deep, uninterrupted sleep, followed by a refreshed feeling in the morning.

Insect Repellent: One of the popular and traditional uses of amyris essential oil is as an insect repellent. Mosquitoes, gnats and biting flies find the aroma extremely unpleasant, so when this oil is included in candles, potpourri, diffusers or homemade insect repellents, it can keep you safe from bites, as well as the potential diseases that those mosquitoes can carry.

Respiratory Conditions: Amyris essential oil has certain antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help eliminate respiratory infections. The anti-inflammatory nature of this oil can also help to soothe the respiratory tracts and eliminate sore throats, while also cutting through congestion, phlegm and mucus. This will not only treat the symptoms of respiratory conditions, but also address the underlying pathogen causing the infection.

Immune System: Protection against pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungi are critical uses for essential oils, both internally and externally. The antioxidants found in this essential oil, as well as the immune-boosting compounds and chemicals, can reduce the strain on your immune system and help your body function more effectively.

Antioxidants: Valerianol and the three types of eudesmol found in amyris essential oil all help to cut down on oxidative stress within the body, which can cause mutations in healthy cells and promote the onset of chronic disease, including cancer. Antioxidants are also excellent for skin health, as they can not only prevent inflammation and irritation, but also wrinkles and signs of premature aging. This can add elasticity to your skin, helping to make you look younger for longer! The various emollient properties of amyris essential oil can also smooth the skin and improve texture and glow.

Brain Boost: Studies have linked the active ingredients in amyris essential oil to a cognitive boost, particularly for those with neurodegenerative disease, poor memories, dementia and other signs of weakening cognition. The uplifting scent, when inhaled, can be a stimulant for neural pathways and increase focus, concentration and retention.

Detoxify the Body: By stimulating perspiration, urination and the digestive system, this essential oil can help to lower the toxicity levels in the body. This can be from food, the environment, medication or poor lifestyle habits, but the quicker your body can cleanse itself, the sooner it can get back to operating at 100%. Diffusing this oil throughout your home is a great way to gradually detoxify your life and your home.

Room Cleanser: Antibacterial and antiseptic qualities of this essential oil make it a popular addition to cleaning solutions for surfaces in your home. Add a few drops to a dust rag and improve not only the long-term protection against pathogens and germs, but also improve the aroma of your home. General diffusion of this oil is also a great way to neutralize airborne pathogens and provide a shield against foul odors.

  • Essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy. Keeping the body frequency high and well oxygenated is key for disease-free living.
  • Essential oils protect against airborne germs, dangerous bacteria and viruses, and increase the speed of inter-cellular communication.
  • Essential Oils, naturally laden with oxygenating molecules, have the ability to penetrate cell walls, and transport oxygen and nutrients inside the cell to feed the cell nucleous.
  • Without oxygen, nutrients cannot be assimilated, but by increasing oxygen at the cellular level, essential oils may support a strong immune system.