Ozone Insufflation Gamma Guide

When using ozone insufflations, it is important to know which ozone strength is appropriate. Below you will find a quick guide on amounts of gamma (ug/ml) and for what they are usually recommended.

5-15 Gamma

u2013 Very low dose of ozone, which might be necessary for some who have severe Herxheimer reactions at higher gamma doses. A Herxheimer reaction occurs when undesirable cells are killed off faster than the body is used to and can include symptoms like fever, headache, chills, anxiety and other reactions. It might not be practical for most people to start in this range, but for those who might be more sensitive to ozone this is a good place to start.

15-30 Gamma

u2013 Low dose of ozone; this range is where most people will want to start their treatments. Itu2019s best to start at these lower settings so that you can determine how your body responds to low doses of ozone. Once you have established there isnu2019t any bloating, cramping, or any other signs that the insufflations are causing side effects, you can titrate up to higher doses. If there is a severe Herxheimer reaction, it will probably be best to drop to the previous range of settings (5-15 gamma).

30-50 Gamma

u2013 Moderate dose of ozone; this is the ideal setting range for most people, although not everyone will want to start insufflations in this range. Ozone at this dosage may help to enhance ATP production, increase endogenous anti-oxidant enzymes in the body, and stimulate immune system messengers such as interferon, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and interleukin-2 (IL-2). This is when it is thought that ozone really starts to help your body fight infections.

50-65 Gamma

u2013 Higher dose of ozone; not recommended for beginners. It is highly recommended to titrate up to these doses after starting with smaller amounts. The ozone in this gamma range is going to exhibit an extreme anti-microbial effect. Ozone will effectively destroy all bacteria (including biofilms), viruses and fungi when it comes into contact, both topically and internally.

65-80 Gamma

u2013 Ceiling dose for most people u2013 Anytime you are doing ozone in this range there is significant risk for oxidative stress. However, ozone in this range effectively kills off microbes much faster than lower doses. If you choose to use these levels, you should definitely titrate up in order to determine how you respond to lower doses before approaching these higher levels.

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