Homeopathy for Blood Pressure

While monitoring the results carefully, a single month utilizing one of these homeopathic remedies at one dose on a daily basis will suffice in combating hypertension in the individual.
The important thing to remember about any homeopathic medication is that where it induces a strong reaction from the patient or where it seems to having positive effects over some doses, the dosage must be stopped until symptoms reappear and require the use of the remedy again. This is so, because the positive effects of a single dose of one of these remedies may sufficiently suppress the symptoms of the disorder for several days to weeks in some cases.nn


Aurum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals in whom the symptoms of hypertension may include the weakening of the valves along with a loss of elasticity and disorders like full fledged arteriosclerosis. Other physical symptoms in such patients can include the sudden sensation of blood surging into the region of the chest. Accompanying ailments also typical of patients are the development of a violent and extreme headache, in the night the patient may further suffer from intense pains. Other disorders that can cause this form of hypertension are the arrival of menopause in women, diseases and disorders of the uterus. Symptoms also include cardiac palpitations, where the heart apparently stops beating, and restarts by itself. Another symptom is angina. Psychologically the patients may suffer from some forms of depression, feelings of hopelessness and despair, accompanied by suicidal thought and actions. Grief and personal tragedy as well as failures can trigger the onset of this form of hypertension. The condition of the patient greatly worsens in inclement or cold weather, during the winter, and in the daytime, the consumption of alcohol can also aggravate the intensity of the symptoms. The condition of the patient improves after receiving some relaxation and rest and on the application of warm and soothing compresses.


Belladonnan Belladonna is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals suffering from hypertension in which the symptoms may include the presence of acute hypersensitivity, the pupils may be dilated and enlarged, the face is flushed and reddened and feels hot to the touch. The blood vessels of the individual also seem to pulsate and throb by intensely and the patient may suffer from a pounding headache. This form of hypertension may be engendered and can be induced by psychological states such as extreme anger and rage. The condition of the patient can greatly worsen around 3 p.m. during the night, on the arrival of menopause in women, during pregnancy, when exerting oneself, on exposure to the heat of the sun, and on experiencing jarring or violent movements. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Belladonna as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the individual suffering from hypertension.


Lachesisn Lachesis is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of patients suffering from hypertension in which the symptoms include the presence of hypersensitive like symptoms including the reddening and flushing of the face and the sensation of heat on them. There is an arrhythmic and irregular heart beat, the patient may fear the heart may stop beating altogether during the night. There is a feeling of being constricted in the regions of the head, the abdomen and the throat. The patient may experience muscular tremors and tremble all along the body as a further physical symptom. The patient may also suffer from some forms of bruising and physical ailments on the body. Psychologically the condition of the patient is affected by and includes suspicious feelings, and extreme jealousy, the person may become very vivacious and talkative in turn. The patient may also experience suffocating sensations when asleep. The condition of the patient greatly worsens in women during the period before the menstrual cycle, in most patient the condition is aggravated on waking up after and on being exposed to heat or hot weather. The condition of the women patients greatly improves when menstruation commences.

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